About us

 Photo Didier Didier Boutet selects wines in his image: honest, upfront and warm. His wines match his character; they are authentic. Didier fondly remembers Sunday dinners of his childhood when his father would go down to the cellar to pick out a wine an hour or so before dinner. He would come back upstairs with a bottle—often covered in dust—set it in the center of the dinner table, and open it with reverential care. The bottle remained there, breathing, until dinner was served. Through this enduring ritual, repeated weekly, Didier learned to respect the mystery of a well-crafted wine.   

For many years, Didier has uncovered, and developed relationships with, the best vintners and their estates. Above all, he selects wines for aroma, flavor and trueness to type. But enduring relationships are also crucial: Didier seeks out vintners who bring passion to creating their wines.  

Value, it goes without saying, is also a key factor in his choices.

For the past 15 years, Didier has traveled New England spreading the word about his discoveries. An epicure at heart, he never shows up at a tasting without a few vinous gems in his bag.