Our Wines

 The wines selected by DB Wine Selection are chosen for their taste, the stories they tell about the places where they are made, and the stories of the passionate men and women who conceive them.

The DB Wine Selection team’s promise is that it will only offer wines created at the domaine, by the domaine owner.  

The relationship between price and quality is also a key element in our selections.  We will only propose quality wines to our clients, at competitive prices, whose value for money has been recognized by wine-tasting professionals.

In this chapter, you will find a complete description of how DB Wine Selection chooses its purveyors and brings their wines to market.

Nevertheless, whether you are a professional in the trade or simply a lover of wine, please do not hesitate to contact the DB Wine Selection team for more information or with any questions you may have.

And The Winemakers

Today, thanks to technology and the science of oenology, almost anyone knows how to create a good wine.  That is not the same as saying that all wines are interesting or that they excite your taste buds.

Within a single appellation, on the same “terroir”, and using the same grape variety, the wines produced will be very different.  Wine is principally the result of the a single person’s personality: the winemaker/grape grower.

He is the one who will tend the vine in order to pick the best grapes from it.  In turn, he is the one who will bring the wine to maturity.  The wine is a reflection of the winemaker’s soul, just as a painting is the reflection of the painter’s soul.